15 September

Motivation: The Start of an Adventure

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In every adventure, there is always an end goal, like finding a treasure or defeating a villain, that drives the hero to begin and endure their journey. Motivation is the feeling at the beginning of an adventure that inspires a hero to complete an adventure to achieve a goal. Human motivation is the driving force […]

17 August

Memory: That’s deep.

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You were 18 years old and writing your first ever final exam of university. You had three sharpened yellow pencils, one blue ballpoint pen, your student ID, a metal reusable bottle of water, and an apple to keep your energy levels up. You were so nervous that your sweaty palms smeared the ink as you […]

29 April

Human centered approach for e-Learning

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With the emergence of e-Learning as an alternative to the traditional classroom setting, education has become highly accessible, affordable and convenient. e-Learning has the potential to be applied in many different learning settings, and has shown to be equally as effective as traditional learning environments. However, a major limitation to e-Learning is learner retention and […]

2 April

What can mindfulness do for Autism?

I’m feeling inspired by #AutismAwarenessMonth and our latest endeavour  –  improving the lives of those living with autism and other developmental disorders through Acumen’s Human-Centred Design course. Now, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are life-long neurodevelopmental disorders that effect an individual’s ability to communicate and interact with their environment. This implication strongly influences the individual’s behaviour, particularly in […]

24 February

BrainCODE : Creating Opportunities for Using Big Data

Big data has become a hot topic recently, reaching everywhere from global health to social media. We had a chance to attend Ontario Brain Institute’s (OBI)  seminar on Brain-CODE and the many doors it opens for facilitating research and medical practice through data. Brain-CODE (which actually stands for “Centre for Ontario Data Exploration”) was created […]

3 February

Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease

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Although I may be a little late on the trend of national #AlzheimersAwarenessMonth in January, it’s never too late to talk about something with such a huge impact on our population (much like the #BellLetsTalk mental health campaign, which I’m also behind on). In case you’re not familiar with Alzheimer’s Disease, it is a neurodegenerative disease […]

23 January

Innovative Marketing – GIFs

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Sometimes marketing can be highly annoying and unwelcomed. Other times, innovative [or even just well though-out] marketing strategies and materials can be brilliant, engaging, and just fun to look at. Sometimes I find it hard to express myself with just words, and in today’s world, where communication is heavily text-based, I often find that GIFs help […]

18 January

Where does inspiration come from?

Finding inspiration to write from week to week has proven to be a bigger challenge than the actual task of writing. It’s hard to find a balance between finding something that both interests the author and [hopefully] the potential reader. You can try everything, but somehow, still manage to draw blanks. When you finally give up on finding something inspirational, inspiration hits […]

8 January

Learning to Learn

When we think of learning, we often think of it as a result of an effort to become more intelligent or more skilled in a particular area or subject matter. For example, we practice problem sets to learn mathematics. When we finally become a master mathematician, we assume that the countless hours of math practiced is […]