MultiMension has recently established a partnership with AGE-WELL NCE, a federally-funded, pan-Canadian initiative, supporting the development of healthy aging technologies and services. In our first project together, AGE-WELL expressed the need for promoting the collective voice of their multiple stakeholders through a video to introduce the organization to the world. As a young organization, their needs presented us with unique challenges as well as a fascinating opportunity for creativity.


AGE-WELL NCE valued the engagement of their partners and stakeholders above all else throughout the project, which required us to carefully consider what type of messaging would speak the most to them. After rigorous interviews with stakeholders across government, industry, community, and academia, we created a script and animation style that branded AGE-WELL as smart, engaging, forward-thinking, and, most importantly, accessible.

As an early stage organization full of fresh ideas, activities, and vision, we developed a sketch-style to convey AGE-WELL’s beginnings. Symbolic objects were used rather than technically rendered products to represent the many innovative projects currently going through rapid product development at AGE-WELL.


The purpose of this promotional video was increasing brand awareness by clarifying promotional messages.  AGE-WELL wanted their mission to be distilled into a digestible format in order to help partners and stakeholders understand what they are apart of, while being inspiring, exciting, and timeless.

Since production, the video has been shown at AGE-WELL’s first conference and annual general meeting in Calgary. The promotional video has so far received very positive feedback from stakeholders in the first AGE-WELL conference in Calgary. Now, the video is being shared at other conferences and  showcases, as well as AGE-WELL’s online marketing channels, contributing to the rapid growth of this federal initiative.