Our work is multidimensional.

We produce training tools that are engaging, goal-driven, and cost-effective. We enhance the learning experience by partnering design with technology and science through:


Online Courses

Web- or app-based courses are created with users in mind, and use multimedia and storytelling to convey messages effectively

  • We collaborate with subject matter experts to create educational modules tailored to target audiences
  • Modules are enriched with animations, instructor-led videos, interactive quiz-sets, and programmed follow-ups
  • Digital analytics can track learners’ activities and training outcomes


Informative Visuals

Informative visuals bring clarity to complex concepts and ideas, and bring life to static information

  • Our visualization products include 2D and 3D animations, infographics and digital illustrations
  • We combine our science knowledge and artistic skill to visually depict advanced healthcare and technical information
  • We also provide medical visualization services which require in-depth research and quality assurance in anatomy


Interactive Tutorials

Interactive tutorials make technical training engaging & reinforce knowledge retention for better workplace practices

  • Our visual manuals convey information concisely about complex technical information and procedures
  • Our tutorials effectively train users on new technology, maintaining their attention and improving learning experience
  • Interactive manuals are economical to scale up, convenient to update content, thus reduce training cost