Infographic Animation about Children’s Mental Health

The Challege

The Hincks-Dellcrest Center (HDC) is a specialized children’s mental health facility in Toronto. A high demand and a long wait list for services inspired a transformation to improve the delivery of treatment and services to their clients. However, it was challenging for them to develop a means of communicating these fundamental changes to  parents and healthcare provider partners.


The Approach

We focused on storytelling from the point of view of the children and parents.  We conducted interviews with stakeholders at HDC performed in-depth research, and analyzed our findings.

This animation sought to target lay audiences such as families, donors, media, and referring organizations. We created characters and scenarios to illustrate typical challenges experienced in the old clinical model, and how the new model would improve outcomes through more optimized services.

Collaborating with HDC through our design process, HDC provided feedback and  approved our script and storyboard prior to animation production, making this project time- and cost-efficient.

The Content

Under the old clinical model at HDC, many children and youth encountered barriers to access, navigation, and support. The new clinical model focuses on three core areas: 1) personalized care, 2) Integrated services, and 3) outcome-oriented evaluation. This animation illustrates the process which patients enter the care system, and how services will be personalized to each individual patients’ needs.

The characters: Mikhail, Sara, Chris, and Sunita, have different needs and face different challenges. This animation visually communicates how they will have access to the right support and treatment under the new clinical model.



This infographic animation conveys complex information about clinical transformation with engaging stories and visuals, which will facilitate rapid knowledge translation to families, partners, and donors. It will also function as  a cost-efficient, time-saving  training tool for internal and external staff and partners, leading to improved collaboration and healthcare outcomes.