OpenIDEO: How might we restore vibrancy in cities and regions facing economic decline?

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A new challenge in OpenIDEO!

How might we restore vibrancy in cities and regions facing economic decline?

Challenge Brief
OpenIDEO has partnered with Steelcase to explore the topic of revitalising struggling cities around the world. Together we’re looking to design solutions – from entrepreneurship and education to community mobilisation and campaigns – that reinvigorate and help restore areas facing economic decline, population loss, unemployment and erosion of social/civic services or other critical issues. As our global economies become more intertwined and interconnected, we have a unique opportunity to consider ways that we can each bring vibrancy and prosperity to our own neighborhoods, towns and cities.

My entry in “Explore Vibrancy”: Ethnic Festivals in Toronto

“Vibrancy” can mean many things, depending on the city, community or neighborhood you call home. What are some examples of places, people, or programs that showcase the vibrancy of where you live? What makes them that way?

Toronto has a variety of festivals taking place especially during the summer time. Among them, festivals established by specific ethnic groups and their main areas are most community centered, vibrate and inviting.

Immigrants have been invigorating North American cities, including Toronto. Toronto possibly has the most diverse ethnic areas including Little Portugal, Polish town, and Greek town. The festivals initiated by, or sponsored by such ethnic groups present authentic food, games, and music, which create the feeling of belongings and vitality in this relatively young city.

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