15 September

Motivation: The Start of an Adventure

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In every adventure, there is always an end goal, like finding a treasure or defeating a villain, that drives the hero to begin and endure their journey. Motivation is the feeling at the beginning of an adventure that inspires a hero to complete an adventure to achieve a goal. Human motivation is the driving force […]

17 August

Memory: That’s deep.

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You were 18 years old and writing your first ever final exam of university. You had three sharpened yellow pencils, one blue ballpoint pen, your student ID, a metal reusable bottle of water, and an apple to keep your energy levels up. You were so nervous that your sweaty palms smeared the ink as you […]

29 April

Human centered approach for e-Learning

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With the emergence of e-Learning as an alternative to the traditional classroom setting, education has become highly accessible, affordable and convenient. e-Learning has the potential to be applied in many different learning settings, and has shown to be equally as effective as traditional learning environments. However, a major limitation to e-Learning is learner retention and […]

2 April

What can mindfulness do for Autism?

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I’m feeling inspired by #AutismAwarenessMonth and our latest endeavour  –  improving the lives of those living with autism and other developmental disorders through Acumen’s Human-Centred Design course. Now, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are life-long neurodevelopmental disorders that effect an individual’s ability to communicate and interact with their environment. This implication strongly influences the individual’s behaviour, particularly in […]

17 March

employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disorders

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We have been working hard on the Human Centered Design course with Acumen in last several weeks. The exiting news is our project idea was featured in the class newsletter and we’ve received great feedback so far. After carefully going through design steps, our ultimate goal is to empower people with developmental disorders (DD) to become […]

24 February

BrainCODE : Creating Opportunities for Using Big Data

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Big data has become a hot topic recently, reaching everywhere from global health to social media. We had a chance to attend Ontario Brain Institute’s (OBI)  seminar on Brain-CODE and the many doors it opens for facilitating research and medical practice through data. Brain-CODE (which actually stands for “Centre for Ontario Data Exploration”) was created […]

13 February

Human-Centered Design for Autism

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We’ve tried Acumen and IDEO’s Human-Centered Design course before. It was a very valuable and fun experience, but we quickly learned that HCD principles are not easy to apply without having access to end users. This time around,  we decided to team up with a subject matter expert in healthcare to proactively come up with […]

3 February

Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease

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Although I may be a little late on the trend of national #AlzheimersAwarenessMonth in January, it’s never too late to talk about something with such a huge impact on our population (much like the #BellLetsTalk mental health campaign, which I’m also behind on). In case you’re not familiar with Alzheimer’s Disease, it is a neurodegenerative disease […]

23 January

Innovative Marketing – GIFs

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Sometimes marketing can be highly annoying and unwelcomed. Other times, innovative [or even just well though-out] marketing strategies and materials can be brilliant, engaging, and just fun to look at. Sometimes I find it hard to express myself with just words, and in today’s world, where communication is heavily text-based, I often find that GIFs help […]

18 January

Where does inspiration come from?

Finding inspiration to write from week to week has proven to be a bigger challenge than the actual task of writing. It’s hard to find a balance between finding something that both interests the author and [hopefully] the potential reader. You can try everything, but somehow, still manage to draw blanks. When you finally give up on finding something inspirational, inspiration hits […]