Human-Centered Design for Autism

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We’ve tried Acumen and IDEO’s Human-Centered Design course before. It was a very valuable and fun experience, but we quickly learned that HCD principles are not easy to apply without having access to end users.

craftyBrain-01This time around,  we decided to team up with a subject matter expert in healthcare to proactively come up with a meaningful solution. It was our great luck to meet Teresa Lee, a Behaviour Therapist for autism, and she happens to be one of those smart and open-minded individuals who got inspired by HCD. And guess what, our team name is “Crafty Brain”.

At MultiMension, we are particularly interested in mental and brain health since related issues are often complex and require multidimensional thinking. Autism especially is related to a variety of topics, including neurological and mental disorder, social development, career path, education, and family life.

Our goal is to come up with tangible and creative solutions for those affected by autism  by using the HCD process. We’ll be journalling our ideas, progress, and activities throughout the next several weeks, so stay tuned!

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