8 January

Learning to Learn

When we think of learning, we often think of it as a result of an effort to become more intelligent or more skilled in a particular area or subject matter. For example, we practice problem sets to learn mathematics. When we finally become a master mathematician, we assume that the countless hours of math practiced is […]

19 December

Healthy holidays from MultiMension

We are grateful to those who have made our progress possible. We are proud of this year’s work, and would like to help more in the next year. For this holiday season, we wish your well-being first. Follow us on twitter for our winter health tips campaign “Healthy holidays”: https://twitter.com/MultiMension Stay healthy to have even more fun!

20 November

After showcase 2014

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It’s been two weeks since we had our first showcase. We had such a great time. The MaRS phase II building was definitely a beautiful spot to have a showcase. We met lots of people and were inspired by their ideas and visions, while busy explaining what we offer. It was also the time all […]

6 November

MultiMension’s first official showreel!

We are so excited to share our first showreel. We used it yesterday at the technoShowcase at MaRS. Big thansk to mobygratis for the amazing music!

20 October

MultiMension will participate in Techno Showcase at MaRS

On November 5 from 3pm-8pm, MulitMension will be participating in the Techno Showcase at MaRS; 101 College Street. A number of our work in healthcare and science will be displayed and our visitors will have a chance to win some prizes. Furthermore, many other technology-based companies will be attending this event and admission is free […]

25 September

Metrics for mobile apps Part 2: customized

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In case you haven’t read part 1. fundamental metrics: http://www.multimension.com/2014/09/25/metrics-for-mobile-apps-part-1-fundamentals/ Our previous post talked about generic metrics for mobile apps, but customized metrics are needed to measure an app’s value in depth. These metrics are usually invented to track specific functionality, but here are common concepts: User values: Knowing the value customers get from the […]

25 September

Metrics for mobile apps Part 1: fundamentals

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We’ve worked hard on planning and producing mobile apps, and now we’re focusing our energy to evaluate them. We’ve organized basic metrics for mobile apps, then came up with customized metrics for in-depth evaluation. These are the metrics that are applicable to any mobile apps. Who are the users? Who is using the app and how they’re using it: demographics, […]

24 September

Hyphen, En-Dash, Em-Dash

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It’s confusing unless you understand the difference. It’s also tricky to find from Adobe programs or even MS word because there are so many other symbols. Here’s an easy way: A hyphen indicates breaks within words that wrap at the end of a line: To type, press the hyphen An en dash joins numbers in a range: […]

4 September

Now open: Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals by Google

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I learned so much from Google’s digital fundamental course last year. I felt so happy to get an orange colour certification too 🙂 While searching for additional courses to refresh my memory and obtain new skills, and I found an upcoming digital analytics course from Google. https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com/course04/course It was the exact content that I was looking for […]

10 August

Future of healthcare apps

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We recently had a chance to attend the Hacking Health cafe in July, and felt so inspired by the keynote speaker, Dr Zayna Khayat. The way Dr. Khayat explained the upcoming changes in healthcare sector were well-organized, and relevant to various stakeholders including app designers and developers. Here are some of Dr. Khayat’s advice for […]