24 February

BrainCODE : Creating Opportunities for Using Big Data

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Big data has become a hot topic recently, reaching everywhere from global health to social media. We had a chance to attend Ontario Brain Institute’s (OBI)  seminar on Brain-CODE and the many doors it opens for facilitating research and medical practice through data. Brain-CODE (which actually stands for “Centre for Ontario Data Exploration”) was created […]

4 September

Now open: Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals by Google

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I learned so much from Google’s digital fundamental course last year. I felt so happy to get an orange colour certification too 🙂 While searching for additional courses to refresh my memory and obtain new skills, and I found an upcoming digital analytics course from Google. https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com/course04/course It was the exact content that I was looking for […]

10 August

Future of healthcare apps

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We recently had a chance to attend the Hacking Health cafe in July, and felt so inspired by the keynote speaker, Dr Zayna Khayat. The way Dr. Khayat explained the upcoming changes in healthcare sector were well-organized, and relevant to various stakeholders including app designers and developers. Here are some of Dr. Khayat’s advice for […]

12 March

Research on Design Methods

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To be honest I was still not convinced with the design process page of this website. Most elements were there, but the wordings don’t seem to be refined and well-organized. Yes. I am perhaps too obsessive, but just couldn’t let it go. Then, I read about a variety of design process models thanks to one […]

4 March

Arogya Parivar (Healthy Family)

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I recently came across the Arogya Parivar project through blogs and was really impressed by the way they made it work. I have been always interested in medical education programs not only in North America but also in developing countries. When I did a project research for rural India, the biggest challenge was not being able […]

17 October


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http://inside.chanel.com I am really impressed by the short movies of the Inside Chanel. They are very symbolic and informative that it’s hard to believe each of them is under 3 minutes. We can learn more about Chanel than 150 minute long movies about her.    

2 August

Online resources for new design

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Found great web magazines and blogs: Yanko Design: http://www.yankodesign.com found them while searching for “Smart Fridge” examples. This website has interesting collection of design. Too many ad banners though. 붕어IQ의 세상사는 이야기: http://myth9.tistory.com : Applicable for Korean speakers only. Its IT column is really easy to read and, most of all, very practical Impressive new […]

16 July


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  http://tomfishburne.com Cute & Insightful cartoons. Reminds me of those cartoons about New York~

6 July

Network Medicine: Using Visualization to Decode Complex Diseases

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I found this amazing video through infosthetics.com. Physicist, Albert-László Barabási says diseases are the results of system breakdowns within the body, and mapping intracellular protein networks will help us discover cures. In the talk, he explains this rather complex concept in a very engaging way by using intuitive visual examples. Rather than using big words […]

9 June

artificial organ concepts to help the body use water more efficiently

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I find this is something really cool, but couldn’t get their message from the title: Shenu: Hydrolemic System by Takram? What does it mean?:) It is really impressive that this designer was thinking ahead from the original task. The task was designing a water bottle for 100 year’s time, but Takram came up with artificial […]