Arogya Parivar (Healthy Family)

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I recently came across the Arogya Parivar project through blogs and was really impressed by the way they made it work.

I have been always interested in medical education programs not only in North America but also in developing countries. When I did a project research for rural India, the biggest challenge was not being able to clarify a sustainable business model for a grassroots level education programs. In the end, we figured the most feasible way was working with corporate social responsibility programs.

It is amazing to see a lot of ideas that we discussed are actually happening. For example, we also talked about a medication group buying system to lower the cost for individuals. This way it is easier to consume medications within expiration dates.

As a designer, I also was envisioning a better package system that allows easy distribution and intuitive instructions about how to take the medication. Since a lot of people in rural area are illiterate (or medication boxes are just too busy anyways), the package could have simple pictorial instructions.

Hope I will be initiating a design project like that soon. I can just picture a really cool infographics for such information. Making them as stickers would work for customization…. Now I can’t stop thinking…


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