Research on Design Methods

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To be honest I was still not convinced with the design process page of this website. Most elements were there, but the wordings don’t seem to be refined and well-organized.

Yes. I am perhaps too obsessive, but just couldn’t let it go. Then, I read about a variety of design process models thanks to one of my mentors (Prof Jeawoo Joo at Kookmin University), which made me finally benchmark some:) The page will be updated until Friday.

Although IDEO, Stanford, and Rotman’s design models look all great, UK Design Council’s Design Methods is my favorite at this point. These 4 process sounds so simple but elegant at the same time, and more relevant to MultiMension’s current focus.

Of course we have not given up for the Human-Centred Design Process. There will be so many other areas to use this process exclusively. Just wait. It will all come together in the end.

Links that Jaewoo sent to me:

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