2 April

What can mindfulness do for Autism?

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I’m feeling inspired by #AutismAwarenessMonth and our latest endeavour  –  improving the lives of those living with autism and other developmental disorders through Acumen’s Human-Centred Design course. Now, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are life-long neurodevelopmental disorders that effect an individual’s ability to communicate and interact with their environment. This implication strongly influences the individual’s behaviour, particularly in […]

25 September

Metrics for mobile apps Part 2: customized

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In case you haven’t read part 1. fundamental metrics: http://www.multimension.com/2014/09/25/metrics-for-mobile-apps-part-1-fundamentals/ Our previous post talked about generic metrics for mobile apps, but customized metrics are needed to measure an app’s value in depth. These metrics are usually invented to track specific functionality, but here are common concepts: User values: Knowing the value customers get from the […]

25 September

Metrics for mobile apps Part 1: fundamentals

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We’ve worked hard on planning and producing mobile apps, and now we’re focusing our energy to evaluate them. We’ve organized basic metrics for mobile apps, then came up with customized metrics for in-depth evaluation. These are the metrics that are applicable to any mobile apps. Who are the users? Who is using the app and how they’re using it: demographics, […]

24 September

Hyphen, En-Dash, Em-Dash

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It’s confusing unless you understand the difference. It’s also tricky to find from Adobe programs or even MS word because there are so many other symbols. Here’s an easy way: A hyphen indicates breaks within words that wrap at the end of a line: To type, press the hyphen An en dash joins numbers in a range: […]

13 October

Digesting Science: multiple sclerosis (MS)

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This is a great example for breaking down complex information by steps. One of the reasons why some educational tools fail is because they try to show too much at once. Beauty of interactive tools like this is allowing learners to follow a simple steps that information becomes digestible. I like the way they choose […]

8 September

The value of knowing academic background

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I recently read the Richard Easterlin’s paper “How beneficient is the market? A look at the modern history of mortality” and just blown away by the way the paper tastefully argues and reasons. (Perhaps I have been reading online too much lately.) I was happy that I finally glimpsed where the ideas and arguments in […]

6 September

How to open up users to talk?

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I have been involved in international public health projects lately and tried to apply design methodologies during the process as much as possible: interviews, observation, research, ideation, prototype, testing etc etc. However, one of the biggest obstacles I found is that not many users open up to talk about their needs or thoughts, especially in […]

18 October

Helsinki Design Lab, In Studio: Recipes for systemic change

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I just downloaded the online version of HDL’s first book: In Studio: Recipes for Systemic change. It’s hard to verbalize why, but I simply feel that HDL and this book would be relevant to my projects. The vision I have, and the role I am trying to clarify in the complex healthcare area. I decided […]

11 October

Health infographics @Pinterest

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I am not gonna say all of them look meaningful. But it’s a good way to see the trend in healthcare infographics. http://pinterest.com/simphilip/health-promotion/ I really really need to fininsh Richard Saul Wurman’s Understanding Healthcare. It’s a 10 years old book, but the ideas for healthcare innovation haven’t changed much. Either we use a smartphone or […]

4 October

SEO & Analytics from Andy McIlwain

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http://www.andymci.com/webmasters-toolkit-seo-analytics/ This was probably my favorite presentation from WordCamp 2012! It’s not because Andy obviously informed us of great tools, but because he pointed out the importance of having a clear goal for SEO and web traffic. It sounds like such a common sense, but it’s not. I’m just going to refer his words since […]