Helsinki Design Lab, In Studio: Recipes for systemic change

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I just downloaded the online version of HDL’s first book: In Studio: Recipes for Systemic change.

It’s hard to verbalize why, but I simply feel that HDL and this book would be relevant to my projects. The vision I have, and the role I am trying to clarify in the complex healthcare area.

I decided not to feel guilty about spending time for thinking. I feel a lot more like myself when I think and envision. I promise I am not gonna be just a big talker or dreamer after spending time like this.

Another good news is MaRS is organizing a talk about this book:
MaRS event: In Studio: Recipes for systemic change

I also wonder how HDL works with Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund).



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  1. Satsuko VanAntwerp
    October 23, 2012

    Julie, the inStudio model is a great fit for tackling complex healthcare challenges. We look forward to seeing and chatting with you at the MaRS Global Leaders event with Bryan Boyer of HDL!


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