18 January

Where does inspiration come from?

Finding inspiration to write from week to week has proven to be a bigger challenge than the actual task of writing. It’s hard to find a balance between finding something that both interests the author and [hopefully] the potential reader. You can try everything, but somehow, still manage to draw blanks. When you finally give up on finding something inspirational, inspiration hits […]

8 January

Learning to Learn

When we think of learning, we often think of it as a result of an effort to become more intelligent or more skilled in a particular area or subject matter. For example, we practice problem sets to learn mathematics. When we finally become a master mathematician, we assume that the countless hours of math practiced is […]

19 December

Healthy holidays from MultiMension

We are grateful to those who have made our progress possible. We are proud of this year’s work, and would like to help more in the next year. For this holiday season, we wish your well-being first. Follow us on twitter for our winter health tips campaign “Healthy holidays”: https://twitter.com/MultiMension Stay healthy to have even more fun!

6 November

MultiMension’s first official showreel!

We are so excited to share our first showreel. We used it yesterday at the technoShowcase at MaRS. Big thansk to mobygratis for the amazing music!

20 October

MultiMension will participate in Techno Showcase at MaRS

On November 5 from 3pm-8pm, MulitMension will be participating in the Techno Showcase at MaRS; 101 College Street. A number of our work in healthcare and science will be displayed and our visitors will have a chance to win some prizes. Furthermore, many other technology-based companies will be attending this event and admission is free […]