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Sometimes marketing can be highly annoying and unwelcomed. Other times, innovative [or even just well though-out] marketing strategies and materials can be brilliant, engaging, and just fun to look at.

Sometimes I find it hard to express myself with just words, and in today’s world, where communication is heavily text-based, I often find that GIFs help me to best describe my sentiments.

With their strong connection to internet culture, GIFs can be easily taken for granted. However, they can be a powerful means of communication and, in many cases, even an art form.

Some savvy companies have begun to harness the power of GIFs as both an art form and means of communication. Many have begun integrating GIFs into their advertising strategies, particularly for their social media audiences on platforms like Twitter. After a brief search, I even found several job postings specifically seeking GIF-makers.

It’s a fresh look at marketing that’s perfect for the ever-growing internet culture population.

General Electric has already jumped on-board the GIF train and you can a find small collection of other great examples here.

And here’s one just for fun, because after all, what’s a post about GIFs without a GIF?


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