employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disorders

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We have been working hard on the Human Centered Design course with Acumen in last several weeks. The exiting news is our project idea was featured in the class newsletter and we’ve received great feedback so far.

After carefully going through design steps, our ultimate goal is to empower people with developmental disorders (DD) to become full participants of the society: motivate social participation, financial independence, discover their potential to have a more fulfilling life.

Then, our design question has became “How might we improve employment opportunities of individuals with developmental disorders?

Have a look at our latest assignment to discover design opportunities. To summarize, we’ve thought up three themes and three opportunities for projects.

  • Employment options: How might we create ways for people with DD to find jobs that they love?
  • Skills sets: How might we capitalize on people with DD’s skills or highlight them to employers
  • Perception barriers: How might we help caregivers to be more supportive and open-minded for people with DD’s career paths?

Full report: https://novoed.com/design-kit-q1-2015/reports/311851

We are cooking up our prototypes now, and speaking to great organizations such as Good Foot and Common Ground Co Operative. Coming soon in April!

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  1. Aya Sakaguchi
    March 25, 2015

    Hello! My name is Aya from NovoEd I’m so excited to see your project for the HCD course. I’d love to feature your project on our blog. Would you be interested? If so, please message me at aya@novoed.com

    Thanks, Aya


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