How might we establish better recycling habits at home? OpenIDEO

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I’ve been always a big fan of OpenIDEO’s projects, but I am particularly excited about this topic.

How might we establish better recycling habits at home?

Recycling is beneficial to the environment and society. Yes, this is a premise. However, there are not many ways to know what happens after we make an effort to recycle. I have been always wonder about how recycled items are used in any productive ways.
Recycling and garbage rules in Seoul is a lot more strict than here in Toronto since the urban population is very dense.
In Toronto, people in houses follow more strict rules while people in high rise buildings don’t. Most people in Seoul live in high rise buildings anyways that they developed ways to control and monitor each household garbage disposal.
The unique part is that household must pay for specific garbage bags to dispose garbage. This means that people try recycle more not to spend too money on the bags.
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