What happened & learned in OCE Discovery

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We have been so busy lately, but could not miss writing about our experience in OCE Discovery 2014.

First, this is Bonnie (left) and Julie (right) in our humble booth:) We were quite happy with our banner design although the print itself turned out to be blurry a bit (Anyways Vistaprint offered an excellent rate).

photo-2Lots of wonderful people visited our booth, and great conversations were going on. We offered MultiMension stationary to visitors, and here are the lucky ones that received our tote bag (As expected, female visitors like the bags more. Next time we will bring something for male guest as well).


On top of the great booth exhibits, OEC discovery offered lots of interesting talks and competitions. My favorite was (no surprise) Steve Blank’s keynote and speakers from Singularity University. In fact, Steve Blank did not even bother to show up. He delivered his keynote through the video conference, which in my opinion, made his interaction even more genuine. Steve was totally down-to-earth, realistic, honest, get-to-the-point during his speech and did not even bother to be pretentious, yet he shared so much knowledge with great humor. Basically, he is my role model.


Here are thing things we learned.

First, we figured our plans for a next trade show or exhibit: We should bring things that captures more attention and actually useful for those who are attending such as small prizes or even balloons. As well, business card or anything small turned out to be more popular since it’s easy to carry.


My biggest lesson was actually seeing all trends going on in communication design and medical visualization fields. 3D medical visualizations nowadays are not innovative enough. Thanks to all great software, it is not so difficult to create reasonable looking medical visualizations.

I believe it is certainly the time to think beyond anatomical accuracy or render quality. We are juggling great ideas in MultiMension and we are determined to make them happen.

We will get back to you with solid ideas and exciting news!

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