Identity | Stockholm Design Lab: Vårdapoteket

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I am absolutely impressed by SDL‘s works. Among their amazing projects, Vårdapoteket seems to be quite relevant to my future projects. Although I found the colors of the whole body image can be too much, their ambitiously holistic approach makes sense. Once the whole body color concept is determined, it has a lot of potential for various applications. And those applications look really good!

Their project description:
Vårdapoteket is a Swedish pharmacy chain with 24 pharmacies placed in care related locations. To distinguish and contrast themselves from the often very clinical and barren environments that hospitals make out, SDL developed a new identity inspired by the human body.

With a strong and positive color palette and a pattern based on the internal organs of the human body, a strong base for their new identity was created. This graphic language is now used in all types of applications; from in-store wallpaper to all sorts of printed material, such as stationery, retail and POS materials.

We provided Vårdapoteket with a simple and playful toolbox that creates an inspiring identity and much appreciated retail environment.

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