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Online Courses Online Courses

Web- or app-based courses are created with users in mind, and use multimedia and storytelling to convey messages effectively.

Informative Visuals Informative Visuals

Informative visuals bring clarity to complex science concepts and ideas, and bring life to your vision.

Interactive Tutorials Interactive Tutorials

Interactive tutorials make technical training engaging and reinforce knowledge retention for better workplace practices.

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15 September

Motivation: The Start of an Adventure

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In every adventure, there is always an end goal, like finding a treasure or defeating a villain, that drives the hero to begin and endure their journey. Motivation is the feeling at the beginning of an adventure that inspires a hero to complete an adventure to achieve a goal. Human motivation is the driving force […]

17 August

Memory: That’s deep.

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You were 18 years old and writing your first ever final exam of university. You had three sharpened yellow pencils, one blue ballpoint pen, your student ID, a metal reusable bottle of water, and an apple to keep your energy levels up. You were so nervous that your sweaty palms smeared the ink as you […]

29 April

Human centered approach for e-Learning

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With the emergence of e-Learning as an alternative to the traditional classroom setting, education has become highly accessible, affordable and convenient. e-Learning has the potential to be applied in many different learning settings, and has shown to be equally as effective as traditional learning environments. However, a major limitation to e-Learning is learner retention and […]


What our customers are saying.

  • Dr. Prabhat Jha, Director, Centre for Global Health Research

    Julie has the skills to create tangible and beautiful media from complex ideas.
    With MultiMension, she has helped bring health research into real world practice with engaging multimedia training.
    A rare combination of creativity, scientific understanding, and professionalism, MultiMension’s work helps research reach more people.

    - Dr. Prabhat Jha, Director, Centre for Global Health Research
  • Roxana Sultan, Vice President, The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre

    Multimension completed a project for us which involved translating complex clinical content into a clear message for communication to a mixed audience. They were very quickly able to understand our content and they developed for us a concept that exceeded our expectations. Their process was efficient, methodical and focused on ensuring that we got exactly what we needed. Their customer service has been excellent and it has been a pleasure to work with MultiMension. We wholeheartedly recommend MultiMension.

    - Roxana Sultan, Vice President, The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre
  • Dr. Richard McAloney, Director, Impact Centre

    Since interacting with MultiMension I have seen significant benefits to many companies in our program and academics within the University of Toronto. They understand how to translate science concepts into an easily digestible design solution that results in better communication, translation, education, and ultimately impact. They were always on time with impeccable project management skills. Highly recommended.

    Impact Centre, University of Toronto

    - Dr. Richard McAloney, Director, Impact Centre