17 August

teamLab BODY

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I had a great opportunity to meet Dr. Sugamoto (Osaka University) in person during my visit in Korea. His teamLab Body project was so good and perfectly relevant to my work. I thought I know a lot about this industry, but obviously the world is much bigger. The teamLab BODY provides great 3D human anatomy resources […]

17 July

Edhead – Virtual Knee Replacement Surgery

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I find Edheads’ projects are excellent. Their engaging education games not only provide great stories and information, but also guide children to think about their future career. Seems like the company has a clear direction and mission. http://www.edheads.org/

16 July


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  http://tomfishburne.com Cute & Insightful cartoons. Reminds me of those cartoons about New York~

15 July

SickKids Pain Squad iPhone App

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The key for success in this case was user-friendly interface. The touchscreen is a lot effortless for tired children to interact. No doubt it is smartly planned and designed.

9 July

If Google does, you may want this too~

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This is what exactly I am talking about. Who wants to read written manuals or web texts anymore? When you click, Google just shows one minute video about their new product and that’s it. We get the message so easily and pleasantly. MultiMension is all about visual storytelling. Your customers and clients will love it. […]

6 July

Network Medicine: Using Visualization to Decode Complex Diseases

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I found this amazing video through infosthetics.com. Physicist, Albert-László Barabási says diseases are the results of system breakdowns within the body, and mapping intracellular protein networks will help us discover cures. In the talk, he explains this rather complex concept in a very engaging way by using intuitive visual examples. Rather than using big words […]

9 June

artificial organ concepts to help the body use water more efficiently

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I find this is something really cool, but couldn’t get their message from the title: Shenu: Hydrolemic System by Takram? What does it mean?:) It is really impressive that this designer was thinking ahead from the original task. The task was designing a water bottle for 100 year’s time, but Takram came up with artificial […]

23 May

Tadao Ando

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I have seen Tadao Ando’s work here and there, but didn’t take a seriously look until my friend was raving about his work recently. I don’t think it would be possible to feel his works by looking at the pictures, but here are the websites with essays and photographs about his work. http://www.arcspace.com/architects/ando/ando_feature.html http://www.andotadao.org/ Here’s […]

17 May

Braingate: Paralyzed woman moves robotic arm using thought alone

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article: Braingate is a neural interface for controlling computers as well as physical devices. In this instance, a paralyzed woman is able to pick up her coffee and drink it by controlling a robotic arm with her thoughts. More info about the research team:  http://www.braingate.com/index.html — This is really incredible. I heard about such ideas […]

23 April

How to Design a Logo: Sagi Haviv

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video: How to Design a Logo: Sagi Haviv  http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-04-12/how-to-design-a-logo-sagi-haviv?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter I believe in simple and bold logos – something abstract but has a good story. More video